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Take · a · trip · down · memory · lane


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Name 5-10 albums that you will always relate to your teenage years... albums you actually own/ed you would listen to over and over back then.


me (the years would be the mid 80's-early 90's)

1. Terence Trent D'Arby -- "Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent d'Arby"
2. Prince -- "Purple Rain"
3. Bon Jovi -- "Slippery when wet"
4. George Michael -- "Faith"
5. INXS -- "Kick"
6. Alison Moyet -- "Raindancing"

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Hi everyone.

It's a new year! Wheeee.... ?

What nostalgic memories does the New Year bring?
Do you look back on any particular New Year's eve day/party/celebration?


I have a fond childhood (of course!) memory of a New Year's Eve in La Herradura, at a restaurant next to our apartment. It was one of those "packages" where you pay for a nice dinner, you have the 12 grapes at midnight (the typical spanish tradition) and then the party continues into the wee hours... I can't remember if we had the dinner there (I don't think we did), but we did go there for the grapes and stayed until dawn.

Carefree. Grown ups with grown ups, and children with children. Two different worlds, side by side, having fun. Silliness. Teenagers flirting. No worries.

Why can't things stay so simple and innocent?


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When I say


what does this make you think of?

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And look at all the different covers here...
I know I read AT LEAST the first 10.
These were the ones I had -- they were paperback, but with those covers. I want to read them over again!

(uodaisy, I remember you posted about Trixie a while ago too! :) )
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I really wish I could just go back in time, and re-live certain moments. Go back and see things as if they were new again.
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