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This spanish tv show I watched in my pre-teen and teen years... I loved it.
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Never did understand the "fun" of Teether Ball. It was always one of those games that you played just to see if you could slam the ball at the unsuspecting player, kinda like dodge ball.
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Súper Pop se despide de los quioscos

This, in Spain, was a classic for kids/teenagers in the 80-90's... for me, the mid 80's...

Well, just this week they printed the last copy, because "the newer generations now only read it online".

But the posters! The stickers! The little free trinkets and gifts that came with the magazine! *sigh*

getting old... so many things that were a part of my life are now, literally, history!

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The words use to come so easily
I would just breathe out, or just wake up, or just look to the left and they would spill out

The lens it had a direct path to fill its hunger
And usually gold, black and smiles met me head on

Tiny pitter pat of lost songs brought on by stong roses
Tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of who I was Yet to be

Now…Now…I’m not my Mother or me, I’m not my Grandmother or me,

I’m not Me or my daughter

But some one is
And some one see’s
And they hear, and breathe
And they don’t even know it yet
Damn, are they lucky

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I traveled many a mile in the back seat of my dad's chevrolet, chrysler, and fords when I was a kid.   And no short distance, as Texas is a big state and family always lived at the other end, closest to the border.  He like all the other travelers and commuters, once he hit that Interstate it was pedal to the metal, such a great 70's quote.  Yeah, there for a while he had a CB, but he never would turn up the volume if I was in the car.  Maybe he was afraid some bad mouth trucker would say the wrong thing. 
Between the ages of 4-13 I bet we traveled a couple of million miles.  And as always the destination was the goal.  Not that Dad wouldn't stop for potty breaks, as he was always drinking coffe and I think he had a weak bladder.  It was just that we never stopped to view the sights on he way.  No candle factory tours, or cave viewings,  no lookie see the snakes at the Reptile Farm.  Truck stop restrooms, "Excuse me can I get the key", were some funk entertainment for a bored girl like me. 


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Here in Spain now you can usually buy ice cream all year round, but there was a time that it was only sold during the summer... This is what I looked forward to every summer growing up!!

My favorite

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